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VIDEO: The closed quarters of Project Runway

No wonder the designers get so testy towards the end of the season: Lifetime cuts off all ties to normal life. Michael Costello, who after two seasons has had his share of emotional breakdowns, talks to SheKnows about isolation when the cameras are rolling.

“On Project Runway you are not allowed a cell phone… you’re totally sequestered from the outside world,” explained Michael. Technically, he’s not supposed to reveal much about their lockdown, but he vented to SheKnows about how this made the going get tough.

“Filming can be six to seven weeks without calling to see how your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your mom, your dad, any family members [are doing]. It’s tough not knowing what’s going on.” On the bright side, when he rejoined the cast for the Project Runway All Stars season the terms were a little more forgiving.

“They were a little more lenient. They know that you have a business to run, a wife or a son; the treatment was a lot better on Project Runway All Stars.”

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