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Bethenny Frankel even crazier after boat accident

Bethenny Frankel is insulted that she has been accused of faking a scary boating incident — and the reality star says she’s even more crazy now because of it.

Bethenny Frankel

You want crazy? Bethenny Frankel‘s got your crazy. The Bethenny Ever After star said despite being in the company of her therapist during her infamous boating incident, the day left her crazier than ever. She described how it all went down during an interview with Anderson Cooper.

“What happened was we were on a boat with my therapist. My husband, myself and another couple. Which I know that’s torture enough,” Frankel explained. “[My therapist] told us he — I don’t want to say team building — but he does these relationship building trips where he’ll take two couples on a sailboat and it’s about working together and towing the line and staying the course.”

Turns out the trip wasn’t exactly the love boat.

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“My husband got terrible sea sickness and all of a sudden I felt a big crash, a wave hit us and the GPS went out and the next thing you know I heard the captain saying, ‘Maria Cristina to the Coast Guard,'” recalled Frankel.

“I mean, I’m not that sea worthy,” she said.

“It had never happened in 35 years of my therapist doing this. We were freaking out. We were with my camera crew and I was like, ‘Oh my God this is about them too,’ One of the guys can’t swim, we were panic stricken,” she said.

And by the way, if you think she faked it for the cameras she has a few choice words for you.

“To hear someone say that it was fake was very insulting because I was freaking out,” she said. “My daughter was in Nantucket, I wasn’t going to get to her, I had no cell service, I couldn’t tell my nanny that I was going to be late and it made me think of all these things with her,” she said. “The whole thing was horrendous.”

And now? Frankel said the experience left her even more crazy than she was before, setting her therapist up for more years of lucrative office visits.

“I was like, ‘you know what, I’m healed. I was insane, you’ve driven me more insane,'” Bethenny told Cooper. “I’m now giving my therapist therapy by the way. He’s never been under so much scrutiny after this thing. I’m giving him sessions now,” she joked.

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