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Jersey Shore recap: Say goodbye to Seaside

Now that Snooki has confirmed she’s pregnant and engaged, last night’s season finale of Jersey Shore may very well have been the end of the tan, fist pumping series. Will they return for next season? Read on to find out!

This season of Jersey Shore was pretty tame in comparison to the antics the cast was involved in during their time in Italy. For starters, Sammi and Ron managed to make it through all 11 episodes without screaming at one another, breaking up or getting overly jealous for no reason. So we have to admit, we weren’t too shocked when the final episode aired without any major drama, but Vinny did have a threesome with two lesbians. Way to go, Vin!

The roommates returned from their camping trip in the New Jersey wilderness to Vinny and Pauly sitting in a pool together sipping on cocktails and praising one another for their “genius” prank. True to form, Snooki was overly enthusiastic about the couple’s handiwork, and the Situation looked confused as ever.

As storm clouds rolled in, Mike sat back and complained instead of bringing in his stuff because he didn’t move any of it in the first place. Since he was too busy whining, his entire shoe collection was ruined in the rain and we’re pretty sure we saw him shed a tear or two over it. Ah, guido problems.

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The crew made their way to Jenk’s, where Vinny made friends with two lesbians and convinced them to be his wingwomen. In an interesting turn of scripting events, the ladies changed their minds and decided they wanted a piece of the action. The threesome (ha!) spent the night in the smoosh room, and Vinny kept one of the girl’s underwear as a souvenir. Classy.

The last evening in the house was spent drinking and fist pumping at Karma and after nursing hangovers, everyone sat down for Sunday dinner. The episode ended in kite flying, a water balloon fight and finally, packing and tearful goodbyes. Snooki was especially nostalgic, and wondered what she was going to do with her life now that they were headed home. How about have a baby and get married, little meatball?

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As confirmed in US Weekly, Snooki is indeed pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle. While she has begun filming her spin-off with JWoww, we can’t help but wonder how long MTV can keep up the GTL now that Snooki is on mommy duty.

Was this the final episode of Jersey Shore? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tell us: Do you think the Jersey Shore cast’s 15 minutes of fame is up? Sound off in the comment section below!

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