Is Bobbi Kristina Brown engaged to her brother?

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown dating her pseudo-brother Nick Gordon? Pictures don’t lie… Or do they?

Bobbi Kristina and Nick GordonBobbi Kristina Brown is at least dating and possibly engaged to her kinda-sorta adopted-but-not-really brother Nick Gordon — or is she? After being spotted holding hands and kissing in Atlanta, the giant diamond Bobbi appeared to be wearing on her left hand only added fuel to the fire.

“Nick proposed to Krissy on March 10, and she said yes,” a family friend told Star magazine. “Krissy said Nick is the only person she trusts in the world. They have a very deep connection.”

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But is it true? Despite the telling images, Gordon is denying the rumors.

“We’re just close — just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together,” he told ABC News.

However, family members are said to be quite displeased over the pair’s growing relationship, most notably Grandmother Cissy Houston. “What they’re doing is incestuous,” a source told TMZ that Cissy said.

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Not helping matters is Bobbi Kristina posting things on Twitter like, “I love sleeping with big brudder (: only person that helps my insomnia B!! Hah (:”

Bobbi and Nick are not blood related. Whitney Houston took Nick under her wing 10 years ago when his mother could no longer care for him. Although she treated him like a son, Whitney never made it official with a legal adoption.

Tell us: Is Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with Nick Gordon okay or gross?

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