Gasp! The Hunger Games director changed the plot

Just when we thought The Hunger Games would stay true to the book comes word that director Gary Ross changed some things. Why did he mess with perfection?

Director Gary Ross made changes to The Hunger Games

Stop reading right now if you want to avoid any spoilers from the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games. Seriously, we mean it.

Okay, still with us? Good, cause you’ll want to hear this — and it’s a doozy. It seems that Gary Ross, the director behind The Hunger Games, cut the Avox subplot from the movie to keep the movie running smoothly.

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“It was just that there was no room for that in the storytelling, unfortunately,” Ross told MTV News this week. “The William Faulkner line is, ‘You have to kill your darlings.’ That was one that unfortunately fell by the wayside. I was sorry about it.”

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Don’t know what an Avox is? It’s the name for Panem residents who have had their tongues cut out of their mouths for not following the Capitol’s direction. In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) encounters Lavinia, an Avox she know she’s seen in her district.

Aw, man.

Don’t fret, fans: Ross also revealed that he added something to the film that wasn’t in the book — with author Suzanne Collins’ permission, of course. The scene will be pivotal in the transition from the first movie to the second in the series, Catching Fire.

As if we couldn’t be more excited for this, right?

For her part, Lawrence reveals that she’s looking forward to filming the second book so she can make improvements to her portrayal of the post-Apocalyptic heroine. “I think one and three are my favorites [in the franchise],” she told MTV “But Catching Fire, I’m looking forward to shooting ’cause it kind of becomes more of a war movie.”

Only one more week, kids!

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