Kristen Bell makes sloth-friendly diet switch

Mar 15, 2012 at 12:22 p.m. ET

Actress Kristen Bell recently revealed that she officially made the transition from vegetarian to vegan. What inspired her change of heart? Something that has inspired many others to change as well.

Kristen Bell goes vegan

Three-toed sloths around the world are cheering in glee at the exciting news: Their pal, Kristen Bell, has decided to swear off all animals for good and go vegan. The actress recently revealed to Women's Health magazine that she, along with fiancé Dax Shepard, went vegan in January after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives.

"It's more about the health benefits than the ethics. But it’s compounded by the fact that I love animals and feel better not eating them," she said of the documentary, now available on Netflix. The film has reportedly inspired other celebs like Jason Mraz and Russell Brand to kick the animal product diet for good.

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The food-loving actress and chef said she loves to cook food that comes out of her own garden. "Cooking is my love language, where there’s the most amount of giving selflessly," she said. Currently, she's growing "cilantro, sage, baby greens. Carrots, broccoli, kale, potatoes, cauliflower… Romaine, butter lettuce, thyme… Ooh, the spinach is coming up real nice."

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The actress recently told Self magazine that, like many celebs, her love of animals caused her to eschew meat products 15 years ago. Think she's depriving herself? Hardly — her Vitamix helps her whip up her veggies into different options.

"I’m a fan of multicourse dinners," she told Self. "Last night, I made Brussels sprouts baked with balsamic vinegar, grapes and walnuts; butternut squash ravioli; and a 'garbage disposal' salad, which is everything in the veggie and fruit drawers: Lentils, spinach, romaine, blueberries, cucumbers, raspberries, almonds, carrots and avocado. Literally anything. You don’t even need a dressing because there are so many tastes.”

There is one downside to a vegan lifestyle, Bell says. It "makes you gassy," she joked.

In fact, she and Shepard have a nickname for vegan food: "Fart powder." Yum.

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