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Must-read: The Expats

Chris Pavone’s The Expats is a modern-day thriller with a sympathetic female protagonist. The deeper ex-CIA agent Kate Moore is drawn into a modern-day game of espionage, the twistier the plot becomes. You’ll want to read it in one sitting.

Kate Moore is woman with a secret. So secret even her husband, Dexter, doesn’t know it. When Dexter is The Expatsoffered the chance to relocate from America to Luxembourg, Kate sees it as a chance to start anew. Extricating herself from the CIA takes some work, but she looks forward to the future and is happy to quit hiding half her life (her profession) from her family.

Luxembourg, however, offers no respite. Kate’s CIA training seems to run on automatic, and the more she gives in to her need to pry, the more disturbing her situation becomes. Can anyone be trusted? Even Dexter is behaving strangely.

Chris Pavone’s The Expats is an exciting thriller set in 21st-century Europe. From CIA agent to stay-at-home mom — living abroad to deep in the mire of intrigue, theft, espionage and danger — Kate Moore is a woman to reckon with. Her story will have you on the edge of your seat. Recommended for readers who love character-driven novels, The Expats is also the perfect choice for anyone who misses the cold war classics from the likes of John le Carré.

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