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Must-read: The Thirteen by Susie Moloney

Susie Moloney’s The Thirteen has been called eerie, creepy and suspenseful. If you’re in the mood for a page-turning, thrilling novel that will take you on a Stephen King-like ride — snap up a copy of The Thirteen on March 27.

About The Thirteen The Thirteen by Susie Maloney

Down on her luck single mom Paula Wittmore is summoned home at Haven Woods with her pre-teen daughter Rowan in tow, to look after her suddenly and suspiciously-ailing mother. It isn’t long before Paula realizes that something evil is brewing behind the friendly smiles of her mother’s closest friends, and in no time finds herself in a bloody battle to save her daughter and herself.

This horror novel even has well-timed humor as Susie Moloney eaves a tale of mother-daughter tension, suburban angst and the normal spats that sometimes turn friends into frenemies — and then deftly turns normalcy on its ear to reveal a world of dark secrets, greed and the horrific consequences that come when you sell your soul to the devil and reap your every desire.

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