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Diego Luna says Will Ferrell ruined his career

How did Will Ferrell kill the dramatic actor we all know and love from movies like Y Tu Mamá También, Milk and The Terminal? Diego Luna tells SheKnows why he only wants to work in comedy from now on.

“I became a monster, you know, I just couldn’t stop from that moment until the end,” Diego Luna describes his experience of improving different comedic lines on set with Will Ferrell in the new Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre.

Apparently, the sexy 32-year-old actor had never really experienced this kind of filming, but after half a day of shooting with America’s most beloved funnyman, Luna was hooked. For life.

The typical style of filming which is conducive to the funny bits we all know and love from Will Ferrell’s characters in Old School, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Blades of Glory is a loose, unrehearsed, improv style that was completely foreign to Luna.

But he’s sure about one thing; He’s not going back. “I don’t want to do any other kinds of films. I just want to work with Will Ferrell,” he said. “I think it ruined my career.” 

Does Ferrell know he changed this man’s life path with an idea that came out of the fact that the 44-year-old comedian thought it would be funny if he dropped himself down into one of these ridiculously melodramatic Mexican romances?

Nope. Nor did he care that bad lighting, the terrible costuming and the complete disregard to continuity would be the most bizarre concept his fellow actors ever came across. Usually when shooting a movie, the actors try not to let the art of filmmaking disrupt the story they’re trying to tell. Not in Casa de mi Padre. The director Matt Piedmont told Luna, “You can do anything you want, go for it, be silly, be stupid, try everything.” 

And, that’s what Luna and the rest of the cast did. They deliberately tried to make mistakes, come up with alternate lines and make each other laugh.  “I felt like a kid playing,” says Luna.

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Casa de mi Padre releases in theaters March 16.

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