Even straight boys are “gobsmacked” by Ricky Martin

When Ricky Martin walks on set everyone — gay and straight alike — takes notice, a phenomenon that recently occurred when the father of two got his Glee on!

Ricky Martin

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has a thing or two to say about recent guest star Ricky Martin. Actually, perhaps gush would be a more accurate description.

“He has such star power,” Ryan Murphy said while speaking to The Advocate about Ricky Martin’s Glee set visit. “Even the straight boys in the cast were just gobsmacked by his confidence and said if they ever turned, it would be for Ricky Martin.”

The Glee boys aren’t the only ones experiencing an apparent man-crush on Martin’s impressive talent. Ryan Murphy hopes the singer, currently in New York City for the Broadway revival of Evita, will consider moving out west.

“If he’d relocate to L.A., I’d write a TV show for him in a heartbeat,” vowed Murphy.

Of his experience returning to acting with his Glee role Ricky Martin told The Advocate, “I was very busy with so many things that I didn’t realize I missed acting.”

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Relocating isn’t something Ricky Martin is entirely opposed to, but making hasty decisions goes against this father’s best intentions. “Every decision I make and everything I do is based on their needs,” he shared of 3-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo. “I don’t want to sound cliché, but they teach me new things every day.”

“Every other night we were on a plane,” the 40-year-old recalled of touring as a family with the boys in 2011. “It was amazing because they’d walk through the venue or arena. The crew was building the sets and they’d stop what they were doing and smile and say, ‘Hi Valentino, hi Matteo.'”

“They are tools of healing, of love, these two,” Ricky Martin added of his sons. “The crew would go back to focusing on their work and dealing with their stress, but those five seconds with the kids were very beautiful for them.”

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