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Femme fatale: April edition

There has been quite a resurgence of thrillers written by women as of late. Each month, Jennifer Lawrence will spotlight those can’t miss thrillers. This month, three very different women are featured — each of their books touching on the power of family.

Afterwards book cover


by Rosamund Lupton

A fire rages in a school, Grace’s children are inside. She risks her life to save them. After the fire, the danger isn’t over. Grace must continue to protect her children from the individuals who are out to hurt them, for the fire was no accident. Grace is the only one who can bring the culprit to justice for a crime that has rocked her family. Along the way, she uncovers information about her life that might help her in this hunt, and discovers she is far tougher than she could have ever imagined. Afterwards explores the strength of motherly love and the steps that one mother will take to protect her children.
What Doesn't Kill cover

What Doesn’t Kill You

by Iris Johansen

Catherine Ling, abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong at age four, learned the art of survival and got by through trading information. As a teen, her mentor was a skilled assassin by the name of Hu Chang. As an adult, she is recruited as an operative by the CIA. Her past comes to haunt her when Hu Chang creates something so dangerous, so deadly that everyone is on a desperate hunt to get to it first. Ling wants to protect those that are important to her but to do so she must put her own life at risk. What Doesn’t Kill You is a heart pounding, page-turning thriller that spans continents.
Come Home cover

Come Home

by Lisa Scottoline

Jill, recently divorced, has worked hard to return to a life of normalcy after her divorce. Her 13-year-old daughter is happy, Jill loves her job and is about to remarry. Their world is thrown off kilter when Jill’s former step-daughter, Abby, arrives with news that her father (Jill’s ex-husband) is dead. Abby is desperate for Jill to aid in the investigation, certain that her father was murdered. Unable to say no to a girl she used to consider to be her own, Jill reluctantly agrees. However, when she starts to inquire about her ex-husband’s death, the details she learns don’t add up. Soon she’s in over her head, and the normal life she once experienced is shattering — her own life endangered. Come Home is not only a powerful thriller, but a true exploration into the power of family, blood-related or not.

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