Mariah Carey co-directs new Jenny Craig commercials!

Mar 13, 2012 at 5:58 p.m. ET

After losing 30 pounds with Jenny, new commercials feature Mariah Carey swapping heartfelt stories with real weight loss clients.

Mariah Carey as a co-director!

Have you spotted Mariah Carey in a new set of Jenny commercials yet? The iconic singer and new mother of twins is getting intimate with fellow Jenny success stories with some casual girl talk in ads co-directed by Carey herself!

The new commercials, entitled "Girl Talk! Conversations with Mariah Carey" sit the musician down with three other clients as they chat about their new lives after losing a significant amount of weight.

"What inspired me most today was hearing the stories of Jenny clients," Carey explained in a behind-the-scenes interview. "I really feel like I was sitting with a bunch of friends. They're great women who have inspirational stories that people are gonna hear and just even get glimpses of… these women's lives, what they've been through, how Jenny has changed their lives for the better, and how they've actually evolved as people."

Carey was happy to take a spin in the director's chair for Jenny. "Co-directing this video was wow, these women are so triumphant," she said. "People not letting go of their dreams -- that's a theme that really is close to my heart. I had a great time."

In a second commercial, client Ronni Roseman is moved to tears when Mariah asks her to share her story about losing weight for the sake of her kids -- something that the singer said she identified with.

"For me, going through my struggles and having my babies and what I went through in terms of my health that I never expected… hearing these other women's stories, I felt like, wow, there are other people out there who go through similar things," she revealed.

Carey has not only been happy with the physical results from participating in the weight loss program, but her role as a spokesperson has also been a proud place for her as well. She reflected on her first commercials with Jenny that featured her singing "You Can Make It" in a sleek black outfit.

"It inspired them because it's like, with hard work and perseverance, one can make it," she said. "And that's a theme that I've had in many songs throughout my career and I think that's because I needed to hear that as a kid. I really needed to hear the encouraging words like that, inspirational songs like that."

Mariah Carey also revealed that she's currently in the studio working on her next album and already has the first four songs done. We can't wait!

Watch the two new commercials below:

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