Jessica Simpson might explode before she gives birth

Jessica Simpson says she is still weeks away from giving birth, despite her increasingly uncomfortable-looking baby girth.

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Talk about being a supermom already. Despite looking like her baby will literally fall out at any minute, an extremely pregnant Jessica Simpson is still making the publicity rounds to promote her new show Fashion Star — but all anyone wants to talk about is that kid she’s got in there.

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Simpson, who previously revealed only that she is due sometime in early spring, told Ellen DeGeneres that she still has “some weeks” to go before the baby girl is scheduled to make her appearance. “It’s not like tomorrow!” she said.

“They said definitely over eight [pounds],” Simpson said. “There is only one [baby], there is only one girl… But I did get knocked up by a baller… A big football player.”

In fact, it turns out that her fiancé and baby daddy Eric Johnson was “almost ten pounds” when he was born. Ouch!

“Labor is really going to hurt,” Simpson told Jay Leno during her Monday appearance on The Tonight Show.

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Speaking of Johnson, yes, they do still plan on getting married.

“I want him to be my husband so bad,” Simpson told Leno. “I do still want to wear the pretty gown and everything, and I have to wait till after the baby. Now she’ll just be in the wedding,” she said of the couple’s soon-to-arrive daughter.

And about that naked pregnancy portrait on the cover of Elle?

“I shot that a couple months ago. I don’t quite look like that right now,” she laughed. “I’m glad I did that a couple months ago… I can’t believe [the Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover] was 20 years ago. I don’t think I saw it when I was 10-ish, but I think through the years I saw the iconic pregnant shot. I wanted to do it. Elle didn’t even ask me if I wanted to do it. I just always had the idea in my mind that I would do it.”

“I don’t think [my dad] would have recommended it. No, it was a private set,” she continued. “I don’t even know if I told him. Maybe my publicist did, but my pub is one of my really, really good friends. I just said I wanted to do it and we don’t have to tell anybody about it so everybody’s pretty shocked about it. I haven’t had a conversation with him about it. He is backstage so it makes for an awkward conversation afterwards.”

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