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Is Will Ferrell good in bed?

Have you ever wondered if Frank the Tank has what it takes to make a lady happy in the sack? Will Ferrell performs one of the most unique love scenes ever caught on film in his new Latin telenovela, Casa de mi Padre.

Did we mention he does the whole movie in Spanish? Yep, that’s our guy, taking chances when it comes to breaking new comedic ground in his new film Casa de mi Padre.

SheKnows sat down with funny man Will Ferrell to discuss just how gentle one must be when filming a love scene with actress Genesis Rodriguez in the movie you kind of have to see to understand. It’s a Spanish-language romance drama starring a man who can’t really speak Spanish. Laughing yet? You will be when you see how he charms the girl right into his love nest.

Will is a gentleman!

“I think it was the greatest love scene of all time,” Rodriguez says. She plays Sonia in the movie about a man struggling to keep his family out of the evil drug business of Mexico. “Can you imagine making love with Will Ferrell?” Rodriguez asks the ladies of the world. “It’s bizarre and sexy and weird.”

And actually, she’s kind of serious. “You work with these actors, and they think, ‘Oh yeah, love scene, I’m gonna grab stuff I’m not allowed to,’” she says. But Will is different. Apparently he asks permission if he wants to touch your shoulder. Rodriguez was shocked the multi-million dollar actor didn’t want to grab more “meat.” 

Was Will surprised to hear what Genesis had to say about him? Not at all. “See, I’m not a weirdo,” he defends. What rumors has he been hearing? He’s actually very sweet. But come on, ladies, did you expect any less?

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“I don’t do those types of scenes very often, so…” Ferrell says, “It was extremely awkward.”

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When asked to describe the scene, all he said was, “a lot of shots of butts.” The sex scene was one they filmed while listening to smooth jazz. Both actors report laughing a lot, being very sweet to each other and avoiding the booty grab unless asked by the director. Sounds like a decent evening with Will Ferrell. Genesis Rodriguez is a lucky girl.

Casa de mi Padre releases in theaters March 16.

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