Bill & Ted plan their next Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted went on their last adventure over 20 years ago — but it’s time for Keanu Reeves to get back to his roots. What’s in store for the goofy pair now?

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

First things first: Yes, the rumors are true. There is a Bill & Ted part three in the works — but before you get too excited, know that it is currently just in the writing stage.

Bill — er, actor Alex Winter — confirmed to MTV that he and Keanu Reeves are in the midst of writing the script for the follow up.

“What’s happened to rock and roll in the last 20 years? The movie’s going to get in and play with some of that stuff,” Winter said. “Where is rock? Where are we? What’s happened to the whole idea of saving the world — or what hasn’t happened? There’s a lot to play with there.”

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Despite the decades that have passed, neither actor had a problem reverting to old tricks. “It’s really sad how easy it was,” Winter laughed. “You go away and do all this other stuff and go, ‘I’m not Bill, that’s absurd!’ And then me and Reeves got together, and suddenly we’re the characters again. We didn’t even mean to. We just started riffing on it. When we were doing notes and me and Reeves started riffing on the dialogue, it’s just, oh my god. Yeah, it’s in there. God knows.”

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Will the flick make it to the big screen? It has not officially been given the green light yet, but Winter said that part doesn’t matter — it’s the process that brought him the most joy.

“It’s something we think is a very fun thing,” he said. “We’re happy with where it’s at now. If it goes forward, great. If it doesn’t, we’re happy with what they wrote and what we came up with.”

Most excellent!

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