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Susan Sarandon says her kids keep her young

In Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Susan Sarandon plays a frustrated mother trying to understand her son Jeff while finding the key to her own happiness along the way. Just how close does it come to her real life?

Though her character Sharon is tightly-wound and understandably stressed, Susan Sarandon actually shares a few similarities with her Jeff, Who Lives at Home persona.

Like Sharon, Susan is a mother to two young adult sons (and a daughter), and instinctively worries about their futures.

“I understand… you’re trying to be a good mom and you’re struggling,” said Sarandon. “If you’re always the one saying, ‘No, no, no it’s time to come in. It’s time to do your homework,’ you become this nag that even you don’t like.”

Susan Sarandon in Jeff Who Lives at Home

Conversely though, as an actress and owner of a bi-coastal ping-pong club, Sarandon is not your average nagging mother.

“I think I’m more fun,” said Susan. “I have a pretty fun job and my kids are incredibly amusing. I’ve been blessed with that.”

Still, Sarandon struggles with universal problems that all parents can relate to. Right now, it’s whether her youngest son Miles will continue with college.

“Two of my kids have graduated from college,” said Susan. “The youngest is a sophomore and he wants to travel and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what if he doesn’t finish college? What if he doesn’t go back?’”

Susan says her trick to staying sane is taking a step back.

“I think whether or not your kid chooses the wrong partner [or life path], there’s so many times when you have to stop and just try to get to know them for the people that they are,” Susan told us. “That’s a tricky thing.”

In the end though, the actress credits her kids with her enduring beauty. Susan and daughter Eva Amurri appear in ads for Neiman Marcus this month and both look stunning.

Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri weds >>

“Don’t smoke and have kids that keep you young,” Susan offered as beauty advice. “I had mine really late so they don’t let me get old. I was really lucky.”

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Indian Paintbrush

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