Photo sneak peek: The Hunger Games hair

Calling all fans of The Hunger Games! Wonder what it was like to create hairstyles for Suzanne Collins’ Capitol citizens? We’ve got the inside story and photos of the eccentric looks right here!

The Hunger Games

When Suzanne Collins described the fashion-forward hairstyles of Capitol citizens in The Hunger Games, hairstylists started dreaming. Joico Guest Artist and Hollywood stylist Cherry Petenbrink was given the opportunity to bring the vibrant colors fans of the novel have been imagining to the big screen — no small task to create an entire metropolis!

Cherry Petenbrink set to work creating The Hunger Games‘ hottest hairstyles with a team of 35 stylists, each armed with the vivid tones of Joico Vero K-PAK Color. For five months the ensemble worked to keep their masterpieces looking as garishly bright as a Capitol citizen would request against the bright summer sun of North Carolina, where filming took place.

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Understanding the Capitol look to be “sophisticated, couture and edgy,” Petenbrink sought to create a look for each of the 500 extras using both bright colors and pastels — but not going overboard. “When you work with these colors, it’s a challenge to make them look trendsetting and visionary and not clown-like,” she explained.

The Hunger Games

“It was a lot of pressure to come up with 500 completely different looks,” Cherry Petenbrink went on to say. “But it was also a really fun and creative challenge. I truly think that once they see the hair, people will say that nothing like this has ever been done.”

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Conversely, heroine Katniss Everdeen’s look was an exercise in creating a drastically simple tone, fitting for a girl hailing from District 12 — characterized by poverty and mining work. To create the look for Jennifer Lawrence’s humble teen, Petenbrink was assigned to create a flat, matte brunette shade that would defy any trace of warmth.

The Hunger Games

“Jennifer actually likes the color,” said Petenbrink of the end result of Katniss’ hair. “She’s still wearing it, even though she has finished filming!”

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Also receiving the custom color treatment was actress Elizabeth Banks, who donned a unique pink wig for her role as Effie Trinket. Check out a photo of the Capitol resident and escort to the District 12 tributes here!

While Effie’s Hunger Games look is in the can, Petenbrink will have her work cut out for her to style Elizabeth Banks in upcoming films. Fans of the book series may recall in Catching Fire Effie takes on brilliant orange locks, then later changes her hair to a golden color in order to match Katniss’ mockingjay pin.

Between the Hunger Games hair photos seen here, and Suzanne Collins’ description of Capitol residents (let’s not forget those described as having dyed or tattooed skin, overdone plastic surgery and even a few with gems implanted into their bodies) this film is set to be a feast for the eyes!

Will you dare to copy any of The Hunger Games‘ Capitol looks in real life?

Images courtesy of Joico