Zooey Deschanel reveals secret to her quirky New Girl style

SheKnows hits the carpet with the cast of New Girl at PaleyFest 2012 to find out why geek is the new chic.

It’s Jess!

With her vintage duds, thick black specs and sing-songy personality, Zooey Deschanel has pretty much single handedly brought back the geek chic trend via her New Girl character, Jess.

When asked how she pulls off the part, Deschanel told SheKnows, “It’s partly Jess’s attitude; it’s a little awkward. And she wears glasses, that’s geeky.”

Jess from New Girl show
Zooey Deschanel at Paleyfest talking about New Girl Jess.
Zooey Deschanel channeling Jess, her New Girl character
Deschanel was clearly joking and shared that her character Jess is actually a part of herself. She left Jess’s glasses at home for PaleyFest 2012 but still had a lot to say about her quirky character.

“I always think of her as a 13-year-old version of myself who is growing up before our very eyes,” said Deschanel.

Wherever she’s drawing the persona from, audiences and her co-stars alike are loving the adorkableness more and more with every New Girl episode.

our favorite schmidt quotes

Max Greenfield plays Schmidt on New Girl

“I’m like a sexual snowflake. Each night with me is a unique experience.”

“It’s a sexually-charged, zero-gravity tea ceremony.”

“Coincidentally, I’m wearing my lap dance pants!”

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Lamorne Morris, aka Winston. “Be yourself, be a geek.” Lamorne on the other hand, is no geek himself.

“I don’t do much geeky stuff,” he joked. “I’m an amazingly cool guy.”

Jess and Nick: meant to be?

Jess’s soon-to-be love interest on the show Nick (Jake Johnson) — Oh come on, we know it’s going to happen — told SheKnows that he too finds “geekiness” charming. All the more reason to believe Jess and Nick are on a fast track to becoming the geek chic version of Rachel and Ross.

“I think if you consider sweetness geeky, I find sweetness endearing,” said Jake. “Someone who cares about things can be viewed as geeky, I like that.” Possibly someone who cares about things like cupcakes, animal pajamas and bell group?

When asked if he hoped his character would hook up with Jess, he said, “I’m curious to see when those two finally meet up and how that happens.” So you’re saying there’s a chance, Jake?

Oh, Schmidt!

As for “cool guy” Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield and known for his classic dorky guy one-liners, he likes a woman with a high self-esteem and praised Zooey Deschanel for possessing that.

“I like when a woman knows who she is, like this one,” said Max, motioning to Zooey. “A little confidence.”

Could there be an off-screen romance in the works here? We don’t know if Max is on the market but Schmidt certainly is.

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