Amber Tamblyn totally trolls Tyrese via email

Tyrese emailed actress Amber Tamblyn to collaborate on some new tracks. Too bad he thought she was actually hip hop girlfriend Amber Rose! Find out the hilarious way Amber Tamblyn responded to it.

Amber Tamblyn punks Tyrese

R&B singer Tyrese Gibson noticed that Amber Rose was copied on an email he received, so he decided to take advantage of her email address and approach her for a collaboration. The problem? He didn’t email the newly-engaged Amber Rose — instead, he emailed actress Amber (Rose) Tamblyn.

“Gibson… saw my name cc’d on an email that a mutual friend sent out and thought I was the model ex girlfriend of Kanye West, Amber Rose. (My middle name is Rose and my email adress [sic] is registered as Amber Rose),” she wrote in a blog post. “I’ve never met Tyrese before. He pulled my email addy from that cc list and emailed me wanting to work on an album together. So I recorded my demos on my iPhone and sent them to him. I guess you could call them Awareness Raps? I am the Hilary Clinton of Ghostface Killahs…”

The NSFW “demos” — available online — are intentionally bad (and profanity-filled), but Tyrese didn’t quite get the joke for a few more emails.

“Tyrese is a very sweet guy with good intentions who made a mistake and I, being an actress and engaged to a comedian, could not help myself. Tyrese, please accept my 87% hearfelt [sic] apology for stringing you along. I think we could have made beatufiul [sic] music together.”

He eventually caught on, only after he asked Tamblyn what she was taking.

“That was trash… Sorry… At this point I don’t even believe this is Amber… I’m cool …,” he wrote.

She finally gave up her real name with a final email.

“Wow… okay. Sorry you feel that way,” she wrote. “To each his own I suppose. These do mean something to me. They are from my heart and I feel like there is an important message in each and every song. But okay, good luck on your career as well. OH AND BY THE WAY — For the record, this is really Amber. Best, Amber Rose Tamblyn.”

The exchange went viral — and eventually caught the attention of the intended Amber Rose. She retweeted a link to the story, which upset the singer.

“I emailed Tyrese one last time yesterday (as myself of course) after he wrote me saying ‘you took this s**t public?! Not cool… not even remotely…’ I reiterated that yes I took advantage of a man that took advantage of another man’s cc list… but it’s all good— we should do a song together and laugh at the whole thing. He said my music was “corny as f**k” and no. Now I am 86% sorry, Tyrese.”

He might be in for more pain, though — Street Carnage reports that Shia LaBeouf wants to do animated shorts about the demos and The Roots drummer Questlove wants her on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform. So, Tamblyn should probably thank Tyrese for the career boost, no?

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