Pippa Middleton skis her famous butt off in Sweden

Pippa Middleton continues to work on her seriously awesome behind with a ski race in Sweden. Did her serious skills catch the attention of ex-boyfriend George Percy?

Pippa Middleton competes in charity ski race

Pippa Middleton’s perfect rear end doesn’t come easy: She works her butt off for it, literally! The sister of Kate Middleton participated in the Vasaloppet, a charity ski race, over the weekend in Sweden. Pippa wasn’t alone for the 56 long miles, though — her brother, James Middleton, also suited up for the grueling race.

The race — a benefit for the children’s charity Magic Breakfast — attracted some 12,000 participants, according to the Associated Press. Pippa finished the race in 412th place, not bad for the number of competitors!

The newly-single bridesmaid’s competitive spirit might have caught the eye of her ex-beau, George Percy. The two were spotted hugging and carrying on “for five minutes,” a spy told People.

“They seemed inseparable,” the source said, adding that Pippa and Percy “eventually broke themselves away from one another and Pippa got back in her car and raced off.”

This is a good sign for the party planner — she was reportedly heartbroken over her single status when she broke up with her other ex-boyfriend, financier Alex Loudon, late last year.

“She’s scared she’ll never find someone who’ll accept her life,” a source told Life & Style. “She’s starting to wonder if she’ll ever find her Prince Charming. The men Pippa knows are all majorly turned off by the circus surrounding her.”

We don’t think she’ll ever have trouble finding true love — actually, we think her problem is that she has too many suitors ready and willing to date her. Justin Timberlake summed up the appeal perfectly last year.

“Us American males are big fans of Pippa,” he told Britain’s Esquire in October 2011. “We like the Middletons very much. I’m going to sound like a sleazeball. I’m going to stop right there!”

You’re not a sleazeball Justin, just normal!

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