Jersey Shore recap: The cast catches crabs

Feb 27, 2012 at 5:34 p.m. ET

On this week's episode of Jersey Shore, the cast goes crabbing, Roger gets in a fist fight and Snooki shares a sweet dance with one of her roommates. Read on the see who stole the meatball's heart with their moves.

Last week, we were left wondering how Roger handled the overly-touchy club goer who wouldn't leave JWoww and her assets alone. As you probably already guessed, Roger didn't take the groping of his gal by a complete stranger lightly, and he ended up throwing punches before the group made their way home for the night. Who says chivalry is dead?

Like any committed guidette, both JWoww and Snooki had high hopes for continuing the evening with their men, but thanks to Jionni puking and Roger being too busy eating Mike's chicken salad, neither was able to "get it in" successfully.

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Deena and Sammi talked the group into going crabbing the next day, which got the Situation particularly excited (insert sexually transmitted disease-related joke here). Surprisingly, the roommates with a knack for catching the pinching critters turned out to be Vinny and JWoww. We thought for sure the Situation would take home the honor of King of the Crabs, but apparently it isn't his thing.

Meanwhile, Snooki and Deena set sail in their version of a boat to "row and fish" which turned into a debacle when the duo floated beneath a dock while Ronnie and Mike let the air out of their raft instead of helping.

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Afterward, the Situation grilled Snooki about her relationship with Jionni which resulted in an (un)surprising confession: Snooki wants to marry Jionni. Naturally, Mike told her he doesn't approve and we were off to another booze-filled night at Karma, complete with Snooki in a bunny suit.

Later on, Deena and Snooki hopped a fence to the beach, which brought about the most hilarious moment of the evening if you ask us: The cops calling to Snooki by name while she ran away for trespassing.

In between the law-breaking and drinking, Pauly D's stalker made an appearance and Snooki went on a hunt for a mini-motorcycle for Ron. The relatively low-key episode ended with Vinny and Snooki heading out to the boardwalk where they pretended to be an old married couple and danced around together. We have to admit, it was pretty adorable and Snooki confirmed our suspicions when she declared she would be all over Vinny if it weren't for Jionni.

Tell us: Do you think Snooki and Vinny will take their friendship to the next level in the near feature? Sound off in the comment section below.

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