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VIDEO: What’s Heidi Klum really like?

Despite being beautiful with a rockin’ bod, Heidi Klum is hard to hate. Michael Costello speaks up about working with the supermodel on Project Runway.

“Heidi Klum is really cool,” said Michael. Well, now that that’s cleared up we can move on the next question at hand. Why is she so shiny?

“I get all of those questions,” Michael jokes. “But on my season Heidi actually loved a lot of the things that I do. She would come back stage and she can’t tell us whether or not she loved our look backstage, but she’d give me little looks and [I’d] kinda feel good about what I did.” (Like Miranda Priestly’s nod?)

Whether she actually did like a look or not was hard to tell until actually hitting the runway. “Either she’d rip you apart or love your look.” All in all, Michael reveals she’s a thrill to work with and, somehow, we’re not surprised.

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