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Must-read: Point, Click, Love by Molly Shapiro

Molly Shapiro’s Point, Click, Love is a debut novel that will leave a lasting impression with readers and put Molly on your watch list.

Point Click Love

A group of four friends — Katie, Annie, Maxine and Claudia — are four women trying to make it in the world of love and technology. Now with status updates, tweets, text messages, and more, love is supposed to be easier to find… but is it really? Katie, a divorced mother of two, decides to give the world on internet dating a whirl. But is she ready to get back in the dating game — especially when a computer is matching her up? Annie is desperate for a baby, and begins what she thinks is a safe and anonymous search online for a sperm donor. Maxine and Claudia are both married, but neither are what they would consider happy. Maxine turns her attention to gossip sites as a distraction, but Claudia has the opposite problem — her husband is the one obsessed with the internet world. Always focused on Facebook instead of his wife, Claudia lets her sights wander… straight towards a handsome co-worker.

Whenever a book features four heroines, Sex and the City comparisons will always come up. Point, Click, Love is for the new generation of SATC lovers. The four stories are all influenced by technology in some way, a nod to the lives we all lead today. Each woman has her own unique story, her own strong voice and her own journey to finding true happiness. The friendships are strong and the writing is a breath of fresh air — with a very real and honest look at the tech world we live in, through the eyes of the four heroines. This book will have you hooked until the end and leave you a satisfied reader.

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