Exclusive: Ashley Hebert reveals J.P. and Ben Flajnik still talk!

In part two of our exclusive interview with former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, Ash reveals her wedding plans, her secret to a successful relationship and the fact that her fiance J.P. and Bachelor Ben Flajnik are still in touch!

Ashley Hebert love interview
Bachelorette Ashley Hebert talks exclusively with SheKnows about Bachelor Ben and life in the city with J.P.

As witnessed during her season of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert is a sweetheart. We learned this firsthand when we met up with the former reality star in New York City recently to get the scoop on her life post-show.

Not only did the darling bride-to-be gush over her fiance J.P. Rosenbaum, but she also had kind words for her former Bachelorette love, and current Bachelor Ben Flajnik.

“I want Ben to find a good girl,” Hebert told SheKnows. “I am rooting for him.”

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert with Bachelor Ben Flajnik

BEN BACK THEN: Though things didn’t work between Ash and Ben, she said she’d be open to double dating with The Bachelor and his lucky girl.

And she’s not the only one. Ashley told us J.P., who went head-to-head with Ben for her love last season, is actually still friends with the current Bachelor.

“They’re still in touch,” she told us. “Ben and J.P. were supposed to have lunch last week here in New York City but something happened and they weren’t able to connect.”

They’re actually on such good terms that Ashley said she could see herself double dating with Ben and whichever lucky gal he chooses this season.

“I am open to double dating with Ben and his new love,” said Ashley. “Do I think that he is open to it? I don’t know.”

However, Ashley has bigger things on her mind right now than worrying about past loves. The recent dental school grad just moved permanently to the big city with her man and is in the process of planning a wedding.

“We do not have an exact wedding date planned yet,” Ashley told us. “Hopefully, we’ll have the wedding this fall.”

What they do know is where they’d like to honeymoon. “Bora Bora,” Ashley smiled. “As long as we have those huts and each other, we’ll be fine.”

Bachelorette Ashley and fiance JP Rosenbaum

No definite wedding plans yet but Bachelorette Ashley tells SheKnows that she and J.P. are stronger now than when he got down on one knee.

Ashley says that since leaving the show, she and J.P. are closer than ever.

“J.P. and I are homebodies,” said Ashley. “We just stay home, make dinner, cuddle on the couch and watch movies. We’re looking for a bit of normalcy. For us, the normal world is much better.”

And Ashley couldn’t be happier. She told SheKnows that finding J.P. is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

“He’s just a good man,” Ashley told us. “There aren’t enough words to say what he’s been for me. When the show was airing, he was my rock. He’s just been a lifesaver to me.”

It’s always great to see Bachelor/Bachelorette couple stay together. We are really rooting for these two!

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Where would you like to see Ashley and J.P. tie the knot?


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