Mysterious Amazing Race death: Poison or overdose?

Feb 22, 2012 at 7:35 p.m. ET

Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice has been found dead in Uganda. Was he poisoned by local thugs or is there a more mundane -- but no less tragic -- explanation?

Jeff Rice Katheryne Fuller

What killed Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice? The TV vet was found dead in his Uganda hotel room along with his assistant Katheryne Fuller (who is currently recovering). Rice's wife said the pair was poisoned. Local cops say it was a drug overdose. Who's right?

Rice's wife Sally Blackman claims that the pair was targeted after refusing to cave into the demands of a local gang.

"They were not attacked but [evidence] points towards being poisoned," Blackman said in an interview with Fox News. "At this stage it is quite difficult to give you any firm reports as the incident is currently under investigation by the Uganda police."

Ah, yes, the Uganda police. They seem to have a very different version of what went down in that hotel room -- and they are pointing the finger at illegal drugs.

"Those were misreported rumors about this being some kind of attack by thugs," said Asuman Mugenyi of the Uganda Police Force. "We do not believe that, and we do not believe this was any type of food poisoning. Again, we are still investigating and will know much more when we can talk to Ms. Fuller."

"Ms. Fuller is slowly recovering, and when she is recovered enough we will be able to talk to her and find out more about what happened," Mugenyi added.

Since her interview with Fox News Blackman has refused any further comment on the matter.

Rice lived in South Africa with Blackman and their two daughters, ages two and seven. He was a freelance producer who had worked on season 20 of The Amazing Race, which premiered Sunday night on CBS.

Image courtesy ABC