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VIDEO: Michael Costello calls out Project Runway’s Rami

The designers on Project Runway are prone to tiffs in the heat of competition but usually escape with just a bump or bruise. The arguments don’t last long and sometimes even end in friendship. Was that the case with Michael Costello and Rami?

“I had it in for Rami and his nasty little attitude,” said Michael despite the fact that Rami was his favorite designer across all seasons of the series. “I really looked up to Rami Kashou but he had like a little attitude about him.” It seems that Rami wasn’t all that Michael had hoped after going head to head for the Project Runway All Star title.

During his original season Michael had a rough start with current BFF, Mondo Guerra. We can only hope that his relationship with Rami takes a similar turn for the better. Rami wasn’t the only one Michael stamped with a bad attitude.

“Jerell Scott and I had been really good friends for a long time, before I was ever was even on season eight but this season you’re gonna see our gloves come off and us battle a little bit.”

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