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Wanderlust director David Wain and Ken Marino crack us up

Warning, our meeting with Wanderlust director David Wain and co-writer Ken Marino is NSFW! If you’re ok with a little profanity, find out how this movie became the laughfest it is.

From the moment we walked into the hotel room at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills, the jokes with the geniuses behind Wanderlust would not cease.

First, director David Wain stole our interview notes… then he fabricated a story of his childhood on a commune… and finally, he made fun of our “diamond-encrusted snake ring.” Hey, at least Jen liked our jewelry!

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“We both grew up on free sex communes until the age of 28,” David joked with a straight face. “We’ve spent our childhood and adulthood just f*****g other people… women, inanimate objects, trees, the bathtub, whatever it is. And also eating a lot of macrobiotic vegan food.”

With a sharp sense of humor like that, coming up with the ridiculous characters in the film must have been a breeze! Co-writer Ken Marino, however, chose to be the voice of reason in the room, telling us the real motivation behind this movie.

“The serious answer is, we’ve always had these fantasies about escaping the stress of life,” said Marino. “We also wanted to write an ensemble comedy set in the woods and we thought this would be perfect.”

One of the most standout performances of this cast was commune leader Seth, played by Justin Theroux.

“It was partly inspired by Justin himself, just because he has played roles like this that are larger than life but also a jerk,” Wain explained. “We knew that we wanted some uber-guy at the commune who becomes a draw for Jen.”

But Theroux wasn’t just a draw for Jennifer Aniston on-screen.

“Everyone on the set really got along and really bonded so I wasn’t so surprised to hear that after the shoot that they hooked up,” said Wain.

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David and Ken are actually also both big parts of this amazing ensemble. David plays an inappropriate local news anchor, while Ken plays Paul Rudd‘s obnoxious older brother.

Though they poke fun at just about everyone and everything in this movie, the two said it’s all in fun.

“Everything that we spoof, in anything we do, we truly love,” said Wain.

So that means they actually do love our jewelry! Relief.

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