Justin Theroux "adores" Wanderlust co-star Jennifer Aniston

Feb 24, 2012 at 9:39 a.m. ET

Justin Theroux and Malin Akerman reveal their favorite moments on the set of Wanderlust -- namely, working with Justin’s girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston.

Though they met at least five years prior, it was while filming the romantic comedy Wanderlust that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux really hit it off.

"I've known Jen for so long," Justin told SheKnows recently. "I adore her. We had such a great time."

Despite his long hair and overgrown beard, Justin still managed to impress Aniston.

"When you have a beard like this, and the confidence to grow a beard like this, it demands respect," Justin joked about his character's scruffy look. "You have to respect the facial hair."

But the real Justin is a far cry from the arrogant, pot-smoking alpha male he plays in the movie. From shaving off the facial hair to sporting a slick suit, the Theroux we met was nothing like his character.

Wanderlust movie cast with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

"I have zero in common with my character," said Justin. "I am the opposite. He's such a narcissist. It's like a guy who doesn't listen to anybody but himself. I'm much more regimented. I like structure in my life. I like tight clothing; I don't like to feel loose and baggy. I actually like shaving in the morning."

To vouch for that even further, he told us that drugs (which his character is totally into) are definitely not his thing.

"I can't smoke pot to save my life," Justin laughed. "I'm a terrible pot smoker."

Though the lifestyle of the movie wasn't exactly their cup of tea, co-star Malin Akerman agreed that it was a blast playing hippies in Wanderlust.

Malin Akerman in the 2012 Wanderlust movie

"There's a whole alternate cut to this movie that's just scenes of us laughing," she told SheKnows. "The one thing I feel was the biggest challenge in this film was trying not to laugh. I wasn't even focused on acting. I was just trying not to laugh."

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And the fun didn't end on set: Malin told us the whole cast took the party back to Paul Rudd's when filming was over.

"We did karaoke nights at Paul Rudd's," she revealed. "Ken Marino does a great Tracey Chapman."

Oh, what we would give to be a fly on that wall!

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