Jennifer Aniston likes being naked on film

Feb 22, 2012 at 6:11 p.m. ET

Attention, Jennifer Aniston fans: You can see her naked in her upcoming film with Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, Wanderlust. Yay?

Jennifer Aniston talks nudity on Wanderlust set

Don't call Jennifer Aniston a prude. The 43-year-old actress is naked for a part of her upcoming film, Wanderlust, and she just thinks of it as part of the job.

"You do get nervous when there's a day where it's 'Oops, I'm naked,'" Aniston told reporters of her nudity in the film. "But we've been among these people in this environment for almost two months."

Nudity was just part of the set, after all.

"There was an actor naked the whole time getting his touch-ups and everybody else just having a normal conversation," she joked.

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Wanderlust follows Aniston and Paul Rudd's characters as they ditch Manhattan for a slower life on a hippie commune. The film also co-stars Aniston's real-life love, Justin Theroux — they met on the set. The atmosphere on set fostered a close-knit cast.

"There was a real community feeling," she told MTV News of the Georgia location. "We were in the middle of nowhere and we were all a hop, skip and a jump from each other peppered around this lake."

"The farthest people were 20 minutes away. After work we had dinner together and we spent the weekends together."

And they all got know to know each other very intimately.

"You've shown your butt," she said to Rudd.

"Many times," he replied.

"And on-screen as well," Aniston added to MTV News. "In the makeup chair, he always never had clothes on."

"I had to get dressed for the shots," Rudd replied. "But when we weren't shooting, I was hanging brain, as it were."


Aniston did appreciate most of the hippie lifestyle, though that stopped with the nudity.

"If there's anything that appeals to me about the hippie lifestyle it's the carefreeness, the free love, the open doors — the no doors," she said. "The free love thing wasn't happening on set."

Except it was, Jennifer -- that's how you met Justin Theroux, remember?

Image courtesy Russ Einhorn / Splash News