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Femme fatale: Hot thrillers by female authors

There has been quite a resurgence of thrillers written by women as of late. Each month, Jennifer Lawrence will spotlight those “can’t miss” thrillers. For this debut, the two hot thriller authors are Deborah Crombie and Hilary Davidson, two seasoned authors familiar with being a part of the spotlight.

No Mark Upon Her by Deborah CrombieNo Mark Upon Her
by Deborah Crombie

In this incredibly atomospheric thriller, a search and rescue team find the body of a woman, an Olympic-level rower and high-ranking Met detective, floating in the Thames River. While she is loved by many, it is discovered that she’s also a victim in a case involving some pretty powerful officials. With this new information, the range of suspects increases exponentially, leaving Scotland Yard Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Detective Inspector Gemma James on a race to find the killer. When the individual who discovered the body becomes a target, Kincaid and James are not only responsible for protecting the safety of those involved in the case, but also the integrity of the Scotland Yard as well. While this is the 14th novel in a series, readers can easily start reading at this point without fear of missing out on too much backstory.

The Next One to Fall

The Next One to Fall
by Hilary Davidson

Three months after the conclusion of her stunning debut, The Damage Done, travel writer Lily Moore is persuaded by her best friend, Jesse Robb, to join him on a trip to Peru. Lily is still reeling from the loss she feels after the death of her sister and Jesse hopes that this trip will raise her spirits a bit. These hopes quickly are abandoned when they discover a woman at the base of a set of steps at Machu Picchu, clinging to life. The last words she utters reveal the identity, in part, of her killer. The local police are quick to rule it a suicide, but the evidence Lily witnesses prevents her from giving up on her quest to find the woman’s killer. She discovers the identity of the woman’s traveling partner, thereby also revealing a series of dead and missing women in his path. Becoming obsessed with getting justice for the victims of this brutal killer, Lily risks her own life and the lives around her in the process.

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