Jeremy Lin talks Kim Kardashian: "I don't think so!"

Feb 20, 2012 at 8:48 p.m. ET

The whole country has caught a case of Linsanity. Does this mean the breakout New York Knicks star will start dating someone equally as famous? Not if that person is Kim Kardashian.

Jeremy Lin isn't dating Kim Kardashian

You know that rumor that breakout New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin is dating Kim Kardashian? Well, it's news to him! The Taiwanese-American baller sat down with ESPN for an in-depth interview and addressed the rumors of a Kardashian hookup.

"Stuff about me dating Kim Kardashian, I mean, I have no idea where that came from and all these other rumors," Lin told reporter Rachel Nichols. She then asked him if he was interested in dating the busty reality star.

"Nah, I don't think I'm that type," he said.

The whispers started last week when a source told that Kimmie's publicist set up the romantic rendezvous between the divorced star and the point guard.

"She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she's good friends with [Jeremy's teammate, Carmelo Anthony's wife] Lala. It's going to be a double date," the source told the urban website.

However, another source told The Huffington Post that it wasn't true. "This is not true and there's never been any conversations about this," the source said.

It doesn't sound like she's really up for it, either — a Twitter follower told her to stay away from the Harvard grad, prompting a reply straight from the divorced reality star herself.

"Dear gullible...stay away from untrue stupid rumors," she tweeted to the dissenter.

There is something that Lin is more than willing to talk about: The topic of his race and rise to the top. The interview comes as another ESPN writer was fired for using a racist word in reference to the 23-year-old NBA player.

"You can't prove yourself one time. You can't have one good game and have everyone be, you know, 'He's the real deal.' It has to be over and over and over again," he said about the challenges of being Asian in the NBA. "And, you know, it's funny, people are still saying, 'Oh, he's quicker than he looks.' And, I'm like 'what does that mean? Do I look slow?' Or, people are always saying, 'He's deceptively quick, deceptively athletic.' I don't know if that's just because I'm Asian or what it is."

If this keeps up, a lot of famous women will catch a case of Linsanity.

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