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Minnie Driver’s baby daddy finally revealed

The mystery of Minnie Driver’s baby daddy is no more! Three years after swearing to keep the identity of her son’s father a secret, the actress has spilled the beans.

Minnie Driver‘s baby daddy has been revealed! Though the actress isn’t naming any names, she has given the public some insight into one of the best-kept paternity secrets in Hollywood.

In 2008, Minnie Driver announced her pregnancy but refused to name the father of her child. Ever since, gossip has circulated that the man could be anyone from Colin Farrell to her The Riches costar Eddie Izzard. It turns out that second guess was close but not quite right.

During a recent interview, Minnie Driver revealed the father of her son Henry is a writer for The Riches, and she no longer feels it necessary to keep his identity a secret.

The 42-year-old said of Henry’s father, “He can fend for himself. He’s a grownup. We weren’t together, and he wasn’t directly in the business, so I chose to protect him and not have a rain of publicity. He’s not famous. There’s no big story.”

Of surviving the gossip storm and speculation over her baby daddy during the pregnancy, Driver says, “I had good friends around me, so it was sort of hilarious. I was making a film at the time, and the paparazzi would shout: ‘Who’s the sperm donor?’ at me. Oh, it was an awful film [Motherhood] and I wouldn’t do that again, but I was heavily pregnant, and I just wanted to take my mind off it.”

The writer reportedly ended his relationship with Minnie Driver upon finding out about her pregnancy but has since become at least slightly more involved in Henry’s life. She commented, “Is he a good dad? Sort of. He’s figuring it out… I mean, he hasn’t been that involved — his choice. But he is now.”

On the possibility of a sibling for Henry, she says, “Henry’s dad and I probably wouldn’t have any more together, but I would love to have more.”

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