Lindsay Lohan hosting SNL on March 3: Will she show?

Feb 20, 2012 at 6:35 a.m. ET

Lindsay Lohan is dusting off her comedy chops to host Saturday Night Live in March. How did she get the gig? You might be surprised.

Lindsay Lohan hosting Saturday Night Live

Typical Saturday Night Live hosts are actors or musicians with new projects to promote. Well, that is now only true 99.9 percent of the time. Out-of-work actress Lindsay Lohan will host the sketch show on March 3 with musical guest Jack White.

"SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!" the actress tweeted after the promo aired on Saturday night.

"That's right: March 3rd, @lindsaylohan with musical guest Jack White!! See you then! #SNL #March3rd," SNL tweeted from its official account.

The appearance will mark Lohan's return to Studio 8H — she's hosted the show three times, the last in 2006. The former Inferno actress reportedly lobbied for the gig by directly asking executive producer Lorne Michaels. The actress has referred to Michaels as a "father figure" over the years.

We're actually excited to see Lohan do more than attend court and strut around red carpets with white hair and bad teeth. However, we won't get too excited — she's known for ditching her obligations at the last minute, including a December Ellen appearance to promote her Playboy cover.

Then again, she's been on the straight-and-narrow with the court system, so maybe she's turning around her act for good.

The actress still has plenty of problems, though. She owes a ton of money on back taxes and wants to fire her mom/manager, Dina Lohan.

However, a good stint on Saturday Night Live might help her snag that Elizabeth Taylor biopic. It might even help her get on the path to earn that Oscar she wants.

"I've made a lot of poor decisions in the past and I'm dealing with the consequences of those decisions," she told Jay Leno in April 2011. "But I'm a fighter. I know that I have to work to gain the respect back and I'm willing to do the work I need to do to follow through with being an actress. That's what I love."

"As long as I stay focused, I'll be able to achieve what I want to achieve," she told Leno. "[In five years, I'll] hopefully [be] sitting here after I've won an Oscar. That would be ideal."

Let's not get ahead of ourselves — start with Saturday Night Live and then take over the world, Lindsay. Everyone loves a good comeback.

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