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The Bachelor preview: The girls take Ben home

Are you ready to gag over Courtney introducing Ben to her family? We are. It’s hometown date time!

We’re pretty sure Courtney is going to be the last woman standing on The Bachelor, but until Ben Flajnik puts a ring on it, there’s still hope we’re wrong.

Okay, we’re putting a lot of emphasis on Courtney, we know. Let’s talk about the other girls taking Ben home to meet their families.

Lindzi, Nicki and Kacie B., three equally sweet ladies, have a lot on the line this week (besides battling Courtney), as hometown dates usually make or break the strongest in the bunch — we’re thinking of Kacie and Lindzi when we say that.

The destinations for this week’s dates include Ocala, Florida (Lindzi), Clarksville, Tennessee (Kacie), Fort Worth, Texas (Nicki) and Scottsdale, Arizona (Courtney).

Last week, Courtney admitted that she wasn’t sure if she was ready to introduce Ben to her family and she might have had a good reason.

Her mom is said to be a bit harsh in accepting Ben when she meets him in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not because Ben is a bad guy, but because she’s concerned her daughter might not really be in love with him. Interesting, right?

Surprise, surprise, it doesn’t stop Courtney from professing her feelings in an over-the-top way.

What will the other girls’ families think? You’ll have to tune in and find out.

So far, two of our picks we made for Ben back on day one, Courtney and Lindzi, are still in the game. But, we did change our minds about Court halfway through — does it still count?

We want to hear your thoughts about this season and what you think about Ben’s decisions so far. Head over to our comments section and sound off!

Before you do that, however, check out a preview as Ben Flajnik makes a date with the girls and their hometowns…

The Bachelor: Ben meets the parents!

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