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Jersey Shore recap: Sugar smack-down at the shore

Last night on the Jersey Shore, the house had a cake-eating bandit and the Situation wifed up. Read on to see who the (un)lucky lady is who tamed the Situation.

When we last left our shore friends, JWoww and Roger were on the fence about their relationship, but don’t worry, things all worked out in the end. As Deena pointed out, Roger is like 65 years old, so he doesn’t play games.

Feeling guilty about ditching work to go the bar last week, Snooki and Deena decided to bake an apology cake for their boss, Danny in an attempt to smooth things over. It was actually a pretty sweet gesture, until the girls woke up to go to work and discovered someone had eaten a corner of the sugary truce confection. Naturally, all eyes turned to the Situation, who declared his innocence and that he was sick of being the scapegoat whenever something happened in the house.

Ultimately, Pauly D fessed up to sneaking a bite of the girls’ cake and Snooki missed work due to a doctor’s appointment. Snooki’s doctor prescribed her some antibiotics for her pesky UTI and told her she couldn’t drink heavily while taking them. For some reason, we don’t think she plans to heed his advice.

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The crew made their way to Karma and ran into Paula, the Situation’s lady friend who was out celebrating her birthday. Ever the gentlemen, he confessed that she is his “main squeeze” and then threw her over his shoulder to take her home for some birthday sex. Who says chivalry is dead?

Deena also wanted to get lucky that night, so she brought home her friend Joey for some adults-only fun and Pauly D pranked the Meatball-ette by placing dirty dishes all over her bed. Not one to be deterred from a smoosh mission, Deena barely noticed and slipped between the sheets while Snooki stumbled in to watch the action. Snooki also revealed she doesn’t know “clock language” a.k.a how to tell time and had a creepy conversation with the Situation that was full of sexual undertones.

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The episode ended with JWoww throwing on her skimpiest of dresses the following night to remind Roger why they’re together. With her girls on display, JWoww drew quite a bit of attention from one hands-y club goer in particular and Roger stepped in, leaving us wondering how bad of a beat down Roger was prepared to deliver. With such mild shore antics this evening, we have a feeling things are about to get messy in the next few weeks. Maybe Mike will finally dish the details of his Snooki hook-up to Jionni? Stay tuned!

Do you think Snooki really doesn’t know how to tell time, or is she just playing it up for the cameras?

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