Duggar extortion drama: Amy's older man speaks

Feb 16, 2012 at 4:38 p.m. ET

It turns out the older man Amy Duggar allegedly took racy photos with knows the woman who tried to extort money from TLC -- quite well, in fact. James Garrett shares his reaction to the betrayal.

Duggar family

Amy Duggar and James Garrett, musical companions and nothing more, are the victims of an extortion plot. A woman named Teresa Hunt claimed to have racy photos of the pair and demanded TLC pay her $10,000 not to release them -- a woman, it turns out, that is no stranger to Garrett.

The 56-year-old musician explained to Radaronline, "On Jan. 6, I got an urgent message from Amy Duggar, so I called her back and she explained that someone was trying to extort the Duggar family and the Discovery Channel for $10,000. She went on to say that it involved racy photos of the two of us. We actually enjoyed a good laugh because we obviously knew they didn't exist! But it was still a bit unsettling to us though."

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James Garrett's side of the Duggar extortion story was only just beginning, however. When he later found out it was a woman by the name of Teresa Hunt behind the plot his reaction took on a new element.

"It never occurred to me that it would not only be someone I knew, but someone I had worked with closely for two years," Garrett said. "Teresa Hunt was my personal photographer, providing pictures for my billboards, magazine ads, etc."

Attempting an explanation for Hunt's bizarre plan he offered, "Amy has been singing in my shows for four years and this isn't the first time someone has been jealous of our friendship. However, this obviously takes it to a whole new level."

He added, "It was crushing for me because I felt responsible. It was a friend of mine that the Duggars didn't even know."

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Teresa Hunt has since been arrested for attempting to extort money from TLC, yet despite all of the drama there's anything but bad blood between Garrett and the 19 Kids and Counting family.

"It's interesting to note that several members of the Duggar family have apologized to me for all this craziness," Garret said. "That says volumes about their generosity and kindness, because they had absolutely nothing to do with it."

Image courtesy of Splash News