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The Secret Circle: Chris Zylka on magic and mayhem

SheKnows recently chatted with actor Chris Zylka, who plays Jake Armstrong on The CW hit, The Secret Circle. He dished on his brooding alter ego, and answered some burning questions like, “Does Jake really love Cassie?” Inquiring minds want to know!

The Secret Circle - Jake

Jake Armstrong is dark and mysterious, but Chris Zylka is the polar opposite. The actor happily opened up about The Secret Circle and its latest episode (“Return”), which debuts Cassie’s infamous papa — John Blackwell.

But before we discussed his arrival, we delved into the show’s supernatural love triangle.

Team Jake or Team Adam?

It’s no secret that both Jake and Adam (Thomas Dekker) have a thing for Cassie (Britt Robertson). But are Jake’s feelings genuine? Chris thinks so.

“She trusted him when no one else would trust him. She gave him the benefit of the doubt, and still does, even after finding out all of his lies,” reveals Chris.

“He’s absolutely head over heels in love with her but also knows that he needs to prove himself before anything. And that pesky Adam’s in the way. So…”

The hero complex

Tonight, Cassie finds herself in a tight spot with the witch hunters. And something tells us, Jake will try to save her.

“I honestly don’t think it matters who Cassie would be in trouble with,” jokes Chris. “Jake would always be close behind. Her safety is the number one priority on his mind.”

The dark side of the force

All season we’ve been hearing about Cassie’s black magic. Yes, she’s a witch but witches are still human, and humans have emotions. In Cassie’s case, they make her powers unstable.

“You can’t control emotions,” says Chris. “It’s impossible. It’s a feeling. That’s what brings on this dark magic. This dark power. Is she going to be able to control it? She’s literally fighting a battle in her head constantly, so we’ll see her struggle a lot with that.”

Daddy’s home!

John Blackwell’s an urban legend in the witch community. But is he really as bad as everyone says? Chris didn’t want to spoil his reveal, but praised actor Joe Lando’s (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) Blackwell performance.

“I can tell you one thing. Joe Lando is bringing Blackwell to the game for sure. He’s doing a really, really, really magnificent job. His portrayal of the character is really nice. It’s nice to watch actually.”

The Secret Circle - Cassie and Jake

As for Blackwell’s future…

Chris plays coy, “He might not be back. He might be back. I can’t give that away. It wouldn’t be so much fun.”

Armstrong family ties

Earlier this season, in episode five ( “Slither“), Jake’s brother Nick (Louis Hunter) was drowned by Charles Meade (Gale Harold). But Jake and the rest of the Circle are none the wiser.

“He definitely doesn’t [know], because no one in the Circle knows and Jake didn’t come ’til after he was dead. He definitely doesn’t know how he was killed. No one but Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles know for sure, or they’d be in trouble. I think he’s going to be a bit curious about it in the future.”

Will Jake get justice?

So how long do we have to wait until the truth is uncovered? The end of season one, two — five? Chris hopes it comes out sooner than later.

He confessed, “In my head, I would hope that it would be a season one thing. Jake needs that pain back that he had before “Witness” (episode 12), before going back into his memory. A lot of questions got answered and now he’s angry again. He needs the sadness to come back, and that can only come back through family with him.”

Here’s the promo for tonight’s episode of The Secret Circle:

Catch Chris Zylka on The Secret Circle every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Photo credit: The CW

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