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Prince William and Kate Middleton: Barbie dolls!

Barbie and Ken are finally getting married! Mattel is turning Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton into commemorative dolls.

Mattel celebrates William and Kate!
It’s almost been a year since we stayed up all night to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton across the pond at their royal wedding. How can anyone celebrate a one-year anniversary that will top the ceremony that cost approximately $32 million?

Mattel has an idea that’s fit for fairytale lovers everywhere: The couple is being transformed into limited-edition Barbie dolls! The Prince William Ken doll dons his red military uniform, complete with miniature medals, while the Duchess Catherine Middleton Barbie wears that gorgeous Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown. She’s also equipped with a tiny tiara and a sapphire engagement ring — what, no bridal bouquet?

But before you start simulating your own royal wedding telecast in a makeshift Westminster Abbey model, getting your hands on a set of these collectable commemorative dolls won’t be easy for Americans. InStyle reports that the Barbie dolls will be sold online for $155 on U.K. only!

No word on when they will be available for purchase in the U.S. — or if they will be at all. Doesn’t Mattel know that the newlywed couple nurses a huge fan base in America, and that we’ve already been subjected to too many weird royal wedding-inspired products?

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the British Barbies hit our own Amazon shelves as well, eventually. In the meantime, will there be any doll versions of Prince Harry or Pippa Middleton anytime soon?

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