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Heidi and Seal: What their Zodiac signs reveal about their split

Heidi Klum and Seal can blame the cosmos for their untimely breakup, says astrology expert Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

Heidi Klum and Seal

News of the split between Heidi and Seal was a shocker. Not only did their seven-year marriage appear filled with devotion and love (and over-the-top romantic gestures), even their astrological signs are compatible.

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These two are air signs — Heidi is Gemini and Seal is Aquarius — and in astrology, signs that share the same element are well-matched. The air element denotes intelligence and communication — personalities who thrive on ideas, novelty, travel and meeting new people.

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Gemini is the sign of versatility and great charm in the public, and Heidi Klum is a model, actress, TV producer and host, businesswoman, fashion designer and occasional singer. She has attention-grabbing charisma.

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Aquarius is the creative thinker with expansive ideas and an independent spirit. Seal’s music has an eclectic, international bent, and in the past he’s broken away from producers and record companies he characterized as controlling and confining. Seal’s Aquarian nature likes to be different and one-of-a kind (he’s known by one name), and both he and Heidi enjoyed the glamorous frisson of being a highly-visible interracial couple.

Their lifestyle seemed to play out what they needed — freedom, fun and grand romance. They earned mega-millions, owned fabulous mansions in California and Mexico, doted on four beautiful children and enjoyed tons of media attention. Each year on their wedding anniversary they threw lavish vow-renewal parties.

But buried within even compatible signs are seeds of discord that grow like beanstalks when each person feels deprived of deeper inner needs. Gemini adores romantic fun and fantasy, and sources close to the couple say Heidi was crushed that the “magic” dissipated. People on the outside saw the marriage as fairytale — but privately Heidi felt lonely and overburdened with responsibilities of family and career while Seal spent months and months away in Europe performing his music.

Gemini needs to be deeply connected to a soulmate, but the soulmate Heidi had at the beginning of the marriage increasingly wasn’t there for her. When she and Seal first met, she was sexually mesmerized, but as time passes sexual sparks die down and recently Heidi was quoted as saying that while they loved each other, they were not in love anymore.


AQUARIUS: Independent, creative, stubborn and unemotional

GEMINI: Social, charismatic, successful and fickle

Seal, on the other hand, felt overshadowed in his earning power (Heidi earns $20 million annually, much more than Seal earns), and he also felt reduced and narrowed by his superstar wife’s fame. The subtle thing about the Aquarian male ego is the need to see himself — in his own eyes — as significant and valuable and having strong individuality. The world’s view of him as “Heidi’s husband” diminished his identity. In addition, the long distances — both geographic and in emotional togetherness — created an ever-widening rift between two air-sign people whose glue as a couple is true communion of mind, body, and spirit.

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