Is Bobby Brown banned from Whitney Houston's funeral?

Feb 15, 2012 at 12:06 a.m. ET

Is Bobby Brown banned from Whitney Houston's funeral? Sources say yes -- but the family may be focusing their anger on the wrong person.

Bobby BrownTurns out it's not his prerogative after all. Bobby Brown is being banned from Whitney Houston's funeral by family members who blame him for starting the singer down the path of destruction, a source told Extra TV.

Rather than hold a large, star-studded event like the memorial for Michael Jackson, the family of Whitney Houston has instead decided on a private, invitation-only funeral at the church where she honed her craft as a choir singer. That invitation list will not include Bobby Brown.

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In fact, several of Houston's family members have reached out to Brown to let him know that if he shows up to the church he probably won't be allowed in and that he is being blocked from seeing the couple's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, according to TMZ.

Many in the family blame Brown for Whitney's fall into drug addiction and ruining her public image with the reality show Being Bobby Brown -- but people close to the "I Will Always Love You" singer say that there is no one to blame but Whitney herself.

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"We were all around a lot of drugs," the Grammy award-winning Broadway star Jennifer Holliday told Piers Morgan. "I hate to say that she had started before she had met Bobby Brown."

"At that time, when Whitney had started and had become a star in the '80s, we were just around it all," Holliday explained. "It had begun, we were around it."

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A close friend of Houston's agreed.

"Bobby Brown did not start Whitney Houston on a road that led to her death," the insider told E! News.

"It was Whitney herself. I think even she has admitted that. And Bobby never forced her to do anything. These were her choices."

Whitney Houston's funeral is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16 in Newark, New Jersey.

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