Chaka Khan: Whitney would have wanted party canceled

Feb 14, 2012 at 11:40 p.m. ET

Is it uncouth to party in the same hotel as a deceased invitee? Chaka Khan is speaking out on her disapproval of Clive Davis' decision to continue on with his Grammy party in light of Whitney Houston's death.

Chaka KhanShould Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party gone on in wake of Whitney Houston's death? Chaka Khan says absolutely not, and does not understand how supposed friends of the singing sensation were able to party in the same building her deceased body still remained in.

Chaka Khan opened up about her true feelings regarding Clive Davis' party to Piers Morgan on Monday night.

"I thought that was complete insanity," the Queen of Funk said. "And knowing Whitney I don't believe that she would have said 'the show must go on.' She's the kind of woman that would've said 'Stop everything! Un-unh. I'm not going to be there.'"

Not only did the party go on, but carried on in the same location Whitney Houston has passed away at (the Beverly Hilton Hotel) -- while her body had yet to be removed.

"I don't know what could motivate a person to have a party in a building where the person whose life he had influenced so enormously and whose life had been affected by hers," continued Chaka Khan.

Piers Morgan noted the strained atmosphere of Clive Davis' party, describing the scene as "surreal" with one half of the people in attendance crying and the other half partying.

Defending his decision to continue on with the annual affair Clive Davis said previously, "Simply put, Whitney would have wanted that we go on and her family asked that we carry on."

During the interview Chaka Khan went on to share frustration with schedulers who apparently had Whitney Houston staying in Los Angeles a full week before any scheduled appearances.

"I, too, was an addict," 58-year-old Khan said. "I know if I was on the set of a movie, even now and [I've been] recovered for seven years, and I found out that I was coming to a city like L.A, we would've made specific plans that I come in [the] night before or day of performance. Especially if you have not gone in and got proper treatment and gotten your situation handled. That was the first big mistake, for her to come in an entire week before her performance at the party, I would have never done that."

"I stand on whoever flew her out to perform at that party should've provided someone to be there to somehow keep the riff raff from out of the situation. To keep some of the dangerous people away."

Do you agree with Chaka Khan that Clive Davis' party should not have gone on?

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