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Battered Playmate says Marston Hefner needs a shrink

Playboy Playmate Claire Sinclair doesn’t want any more trouble — she just wants Hugh Hefner’s son to apologize for smacking her around. Oh, and for him to get intensive psychotherapy.

Marston Hefner and Claire Sinclair

She rose to fame as Playboy‘s 2011 Playmate of the Year, but today Claire Sinclair is in the news as the latest celebrity domestic violence victim. Her boyfriend, Hugh Hefner’s son Marston Hefner, was arrested on domestic violence charges Sunday night for allegedly punching and kicking her. Rather than jail time however, the model said all she really wants is an apology.

“I’m looking forward to a public apology,” Sinclair told Monday. “I am against any sort of domestic violence so once that’s done, I’m ready to bury this and leave it in my past.”

“I can only hope Marston gets psychiatric help and seeks medicine for his anger,” she said.

Sinclair told police that the whole incident started over a petty argument.

“It was really ridiculous,” she explained. “I wanted to leave and his car was blocking mine. He wouldn’t give me the keys or move the car and that’s when he hit me.”

The couple had been dating on and off since August 2010, but that’s over now — and Sinclair is moving out of their shared home.

“I don’t want any problems moving forward,” Sinclair said. “I need to be completely distanced.”

Marston Hefner denied he ever got physical with Sinclair, although he did admit they got into an argument. He was arrested for battery and released on $200,000 bail.

Meanwhile, Sinclair posted a message on Twitter thanking her fans for their support. “There’s two types of pain in the world — pain that hurts you, and pain that makes you stronger. All of your positivity is giving me strength.”

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