Bates family matches the Duggars' 19 kids

Feb 10, 2012 at 2:13 p.m. ET

The Bates' baby 19 has arrived! Watch out Duggars, your time as TLC's largest reality television family may soon be coming to an end.

Duggar family

It's a boy for the Bates! The family, friends of the Duggars featured on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, are now equal in number of offspring. Baby boy Jeb Colton Bates was born on Feb. 1, the 19th child of Gil and Kelly Bates.

"You would think with your 19th child, you wouldn't get excited and nervous," Gil Bates told People of their son's arrival. "But I was as nervous with this baby as I was with our first."

Baby 19's arrival isn't the only thing the Bates family is nervous about -- they're set to soon have their own one-hour special air on TLC! Though the family, longtime friends of the Duggars, has appeared on 19 Kids and Counting during visits, this will be the first time the Bates are an episode's main subject.

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"It is very exciting, and we're nervous, too," admitted Kelly Bates. "Our biggest desire is to be real. The Duggars have helped people. We talked it over with the children, and everyone likes the idea of helping others. It is not wonderful all the time. We have the same struggles everyone has."

The Bates, who share the Duggars' belief to allow God to determine the number of children they will have, is comprised of the following 19 children who all live at home:

  1. Zach, 23
  2. Michaella, 22
  3. Erin, 20
  4. Lawson, 19
  5. Nathan, 18
  6. Alyssa, 17
  7. Tori,16
  8. Trace, 15
  9. Carlin, 13
  10. Josie, 12
  11. Katie, 11
  12. Jackson, 9
  13. Warden, 8
  14. Isaiah, 7
  15. Addallee, 5
  16. Ellie, 4
  17. Callie, 2
  18. Judson, 1
  19. Jeb, newborn

During previous episodes of 19 Kids and Counting featuring Duggar and Bates family get-togethers, the possibility of a courtship between the two family's sets of children has been mentioned. No word of any official Duggar-Bates romances yet.

Will you be tuning in to watch the Bates' TLC special on March 27?

Image courtesy of Scott Enlow/TLC