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How Katharine McPhee stays in Smash-ing shape

Katharine McPhee is riding high on the success of her new show Smash — and she looks darned good doing it. Read on to find out how she keeps her body strong and healthy.

Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee spent years battling bulimia — but now the singer and actress keeps in shape using far healthier methods.

The Smash star told Self that her slender figure comes now from a killer cardio routine or hours of dance training for her new show.

“I love my body when I’m in the best shape I can be in. It feels good to be strong,” she told the mag.

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McPhee spends nearly every afternoon in a grueling five-hour dance rehearsal, giving her the stunning figure you see on TV.

“I feel it in my thighs and calves, but it’s so stop-and-go. I miss my real workout. I’d do a one-hour kick-a** cardio program with my trainer, Oscar Smith,” she said.

The former American Idol contestant said that not only does she have a different body than she did when she first hit the scene — she has an entirely different mindset, too.

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“I feel like a different person than I was after Idol. I get the celebrity game now — you can go from being hot to fighting to be seen. You have to be aware of how superficial it is and that people who have written you off do eventually come back.”

“I try not to be a geek about it, but I have moments when I’m just watching all the moving pieces on set, thinking: ‘Wow, this is so cool!’ I dreamed about this and now, because I had those dreams — and the drive — I’m actually here.”

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