The Vampire Diaries recap: Relationships change!

Feb 9, 2012 at 10:44 p.m. ET

We were invited to a "killer" party on The Vampire Diaries this week. Thanks for a bloody good evening, Originals!

Fancy ball gowns? Check! Dancing? Check! Someone getting thrown off of a balcony by Damon Salvatore? That's a big check!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know aboutThe Vampire Diaries new episode, "Dangerous Liaisons."

When Klaus sends out an invitation to join him at a ball at his mansion, you better believe people are going to show up.

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Elena, Matt, Damon, Stefan and Caroline all put on their best party outfits and settled in for an evening of danger -- with a few relationship surprises.

Three major surprises happened at the ball that we need to dish about: First, Damon busted out the "L" word to Elena, only to be brushed off and have it called a "problem."

Duh, Elena! Didn't you know this would send him right into the arms of another? Yeah, you probably did, but you probably didn't know it would be Rebekah's vampire arms! Talk about a steamy romp! Yikes!

Then there was the half-sweet, half-weird, interaction between Klaus and Caroline. She accepted his invite, and a gorgeous dress, to the ball, but would she accept his advances? She pretty much gave him hell for his lack of social skills, only to be offered a trip around the world -- blah, blah, blah.

Is it creepy that he broke into her house and left her a drawing on her bed?

Who could forget Mama Original and her new scheme. We thought her forgiveness towards her children came a bit too easy.

Esther needed some sweet doppelganger blood (which Elena gave her) to bind her children together and kill them. Yes, we said kill! Ouch, did Elena help seal their fates?

Chew on that, vamp fans!

What did you think of this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries?

Did you feel the heat in "Dangerous Liaisons"?

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