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Bonjour! Halle Berry moving to France?

Halle Berry wants to move to France with beau Olivier Martinez. But it’s her plan to take her 3-year-old daughter abroad with her that has Gabriel Aubry seeing red.

Look out, Europe! The Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry child custody drama could be headed for your shores.

After a year spent in and out of family court — and the tabloids — Halle’s reportedly hoping to put a continent and a few bodies of water between herself and the war with her (allegedly) hot-tempered baby daddy.

The Academy Award-winning actress has filed a request with a Los Angeles court to move to France with Nahla, the 3-year-old daughter she shares with Aubry, a Canadian-born model. Berry is seeking the court’s approval to leave the States and move to the City of Lights with her French-born beau, Olivier Martinez.

In news that will surprise (drum roll, please…) absolutely no one, Halle’s filing has left Aubry incensed.

If Halle has her way, she and Nahla — who turns 4 next month — could leave Los Angeles in their dust before the start of the summer, tattles tell TMZ. The star, 45, believes the international move would be added protection from a particularly persistent stalker, who was released from police custody this month after attempting to break into Halle’s posh pad at least three times over the years.

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Hogwash, says Gabriel. Tipsters say he’s furious that such an upheaval could mean he’ll never see his daughter again. In fact, he’s calling the strike an elaborate ruse by Berry to ensure that he doesn’t.

The exes, who called it quits in 2010, have been embroiled in a nasty court battle over Nahla’s care since early last year. After a temporary truce, the legal furor was reignited last month, after Alliance Kamdem, the child’s former nanny, claimed that Gabriel, 36, pushed her while she was holding Nahla.

They are also allegations that Aubry — rumored to have a short fuse — forcibly grabs, yells at and verbally abuses the child. He was recently ordered to enroll in anger management classes. Gabriel — who is being investigated for child endangerment following the alleged incident — vehemently denies pushing or touching the nanny.

He isn’t the only member of the family headed for meeting with a shrink.

Officials with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Service have advised Halle and Gabriel to hire a therapist for Nahla.

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