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Guess who wants some sugar from George Clooney?

While promoting her new movie The Secret World of Arrietty, Carol Burnett reveals her celebrity crush.

Everyone seems to have a thing for George Clooney these days. Classic good looks, gobs of Hollywood charm, recent Oscar nomination — who wouldn’t be dying to get close to this handsome movie star?

SheKnows sat down with the comedic legend Carol Burnett in Beverly Hills to hear about her new animated film The Secret World of Arrietty when the truth came out about her crush on George Clooney. She not only wants to get close, she’s ready to move in.

Where’s the key, Mr. Clooney…?

“I’d hope he’d give me some of that sugar,” she says. Sounds delicious, huh? You’d understand the double meaning if you’re familiar with the popular children’s book series, “The Borrowers,” on which the film is based.

“Borrowers” are tiny people who live in the walls of human beings’ houses. They survive by borrowing things that humans won’t miss, like lost paperclips, thread and cubes of sugar.

When asked whose house she’d want to “borrow” in, Burnett listed George Clooney emphatically as her number one.

Muhaha… Burnett likes villains, too

The 78-year-old actress is still as saucy as they come. “I love playing the villain,” she says of her character Hara in the film. “Even more than the other types because you can really cut loose.”

And what was it like for this animated comedian, who is used to physical comedy, to work on a film where the focus is only on her voice? “It was a challenge,” she says, “because originally [the film] was in Japanese, so you had to match the movement of the cartoon as opposed to when you do a regular animation, you just do the lines as you feel them.”

The Secret World of Arrietty co-stars Bridgit Mendler (Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel), plus the real life husband and wife team of Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Blades of Glory) and Will Arnett (Blades of Glory, Arrested Development) who play husband and wife in the film as well.

The Secret World of Arrietty releases in theaters Feb. 17.

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