5 TV love triangles we want to be in

In real life, love triangles are the worst. But when it comes to TV, they’re pure escapism. Admit it, it’s a fantasy that we’ve all subscribed to at least once in our lives. Throughout TV history, there have been at least five triads that tickled our fancy. It doesn’t matter if they involve high school drama or supernatural beings, these triangles are hot, hot, hot!

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: Stefan, Elena, Damon

The Vampire Diaries‘ Stefan and Damon Salvatore take sibling rivalry to another level. Both vamps covet the beautiful (and lucky) Elena, who’s stuck between Damon’s devilish smile and Stefan’s smoldering eyes. What’s a girl to do? Enjoy it! There are worse things in the world than being doted on by two immortals.

Lost: Jack, Kate, Sawyer

Lost‘s Kate Austen lived the dream. For six years, she was stranded on an island with a hot doctor and a mysterious bad boy. Jack Shephard was a quiet brooder, while James “Sawyer” Ford was charming, but aggressive. At the time, Kate had more important things to think about than her love life (i.e. smoke monsters and polar bears). But as a viewer, watching those two duke it out was must-see TV. Really attractive must-see TV.

True Blood True Blood: Bill, Sookie, Eric

When vampires fall in love, they fall hard. True Blood‘s Eric Northman and Bill Compton are no exception. The Nordic warrior and Southern gentleman are as different as their hair color, but share one deep connection — Sookie Stackhouse. In season one, Sookie caught the eye of both men and they’ve been drooling over her ever since. What does she have that other women don’t? We’re not sure, but whatever it is, we want it bottled and in our hands — stat!

Dawson’s Creek: Dawson, Joey, Pacey

Before there were Teams Edward and Jacob, there were Teams Dawson and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. The soapy drama featured one of the best love triangles of all-time: Dawson Leery, Joey Potter and Pacey Witter. Dawson was a film buff with a heart of gold, while Pacey was the petulant outsider. Joey fell in love with both men, and spent the show’s run bouncing between the two. Yes, it was emotionally exhausting, but not a bad way to spend six seasons.

Friday Night Lights: Jason, Lyla, Tim

There’s a point in every girl’s life where she lusts after the hottest guy in school. It’s almost like a rite of passage. In the case of Friday Night Lights Lyla Garrity, she turned that fantasy into a reality. While dating Jason Street, the captain of the football team, she had a torrid affair with his best friend and teammate Tim Riggins. Jason was the hometown hero, while Tim was the local slacker. But what Tim lacked in ambition he made up for in passion. Lyla may have been torn, but we weren’t. The boys were drama for her and eye candy for us.

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