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Glee recap: Muy caliente, Ricky Martin!

Did you shake your bon-bon to Ricky Martin and Glee this week? Read on to catch the highlights of the sizzling new episode!

Is anyone else wishing they had a Spanish teacher that looked like Ricky Martin after watching this week’s episode of Glee?

Gwyneth Paltrow makes a hot McKinley High sub, but man, Ricky Martin was something else as night Spanish teacher, Mr. Martinez.

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Mr. Schuester was on a quest to win McKinley High’s open tenure spot, which meant he needed to act like a Spanish teacher and actually learn the language, while getting his students to master it.

Enter Mr. Martinez, Mr. Schuester’s new night teacher. He swooped in to teach the glee club the fine art of making Spanish sound, and look, sexy. Plus, if the kids learned Spanish in one week, Will was convinced he’d get tenure.

We almost had to stick our head in the freezer after watching Mr. Martinez straddle a chair and wiggle around to “Sexy And I Know It,” while switching from English to Spanish verses.

Don’t even getting us started on “La Isla Bonita.” He can sing us a Spanish lullaby anytime he wants to. Wow, just wow!

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It was Santana that taught Will the biggest lesson, however: “Without passion you can’t succeed.”

Teaching Spanish isn’t his passion, so rather than properly teach the kids about the culture and do the language justice, he was perpetuating stereotypes because he didn’t know any better.

Will stepped up and convinced the principal to give Mr. Martinez his job teaching kids Spanish during the day. So, what does that mean for Will? Well, there’s an opening in the History department he’s happily taking.

Not the most exciting of episodes if you take Ricky Martin out of the equation, but they can’t all be filled with fireworks. Wait, did we forget to tell you Sue Sylvester is plotting to have a baby? Okay, now we’re done.

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Head over to our comments section and sound off!

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