Ooh la la! Brad Pitt says Angelina is "still a bad girl"

Feb 7, 2012 at 6:36 p.m. ET

Brad Pitt is glad to report that motherhood hasn't changed Angelina Jolie. He happily revealed that his longtime love is just as naughty as she's always been.

Angelina Jolie is still a bad girl, says Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt sure is chatty these days. The Moneyball actor and father of six sat down with Charlie Rose Monday on CBS This Morning and talked about everyone's favorite subject: Angelina Jolie.

The biggest thing Rose wanted to know? Whether or not Jolie still clings to her dark side.

"She's still a bad girl — delightfully so," Pitt joked, adding that her naughty side is "not for public consumption."

It's safe to say things are going well between the couple — even if they aren't married.

"We'd actually like to, and it seems to mean more and more to our kids," the 48-year-old father of six told The Hollywood Reporter of their future plans.

"We made this declaration some time ago that we weren't going to do it till everyone can. But I don't think we'll be able to hold out."

The reason? Their children. The brood is growing and asking more questions about their parents' lifestyle. Don't expect them to find out anything about their parents on the web, though.

"On all the kids' computers we had our names blocked," Pitt told a German newspaper in January. "They can't Google their mom and dad. I don't want to make myself dependent on what other people think."

Pitt's riding a wave of award nominations, thanks to the baseball film he starred in with Jonah Hill. Pitt told Rose that his acting is influenced by his family — for the better.

"Family's added everything to it," he said. "In a strange way, if I look at the work, the work has gotten better because I worry less about it."

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